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Hello, if anyone is interested in hand made wooden stocks then I may be able to help!! Taring Carving makes these pieces of art in Indonesia and sends some of them my way to distribute!! I currently have VSR10, SSG24, and Ares Striker!! Pics an more info below!! Prices include shipping and all fees in the US. (Also a free patch)

Below are vsr-10 models.
1. Mbrown $325
2. Magpul $250
3. BoneSaw $395
4. M5 $250 SOLD however you can still pre order!
5. Groot $350 (pre order)

Below are Ssg24 models.
1. L96 $250
2. TRS $350
3. L90 $275
4. M40-66 $175

Below are Ares Striker models.
Left: Scout $175 (missing rubber butt pad)
Middle: Laminated $385
Right: KRG Bravo $250

Taring Carving can make just about anything, I can get you a quote. If you're serious about a stock design just hit me up with info and reference pictures!! If I don't have the stock, you can pre order. In the past, wait times were outrageous and unacceptable. That being said, if you pre order through me I guarantee the stock in your possession in 4 months or your money back. If it's a stock that I have, it takes less than 2 weeks to receive in the US. It's possible for me to ship just about anywhere, but shipping will cost more.

Please check out the facebook page where you can also reach me:

Batch #2 video:
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