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TDC hop up system

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He, I am sorry for my very bad english but I live in FRANCE.
I am member of sniperland group, the sniper airsoft french group.
You works about VSR10 hop up system and we test and make different part.

We have see TDC hop up system and other accessory and we are very interresting.
But, we didn't found shop who sold this part.

Can you help me ?
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Oh thank you.
Arf, all is sold out.
Are there an other shop who sold this system ?
As far as i know, there is only Noobie who makes those hop ups, but you might find them used or something on for example Ebay???
Ok, thank you.
I wait it restock.
Sould the opposite occur, I will search dimension for make it.
I'm working on one but I need to find a good machinist before I will know it is a success or not...

Noobie has been out of stock for quite awhile.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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