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teaching new snipers

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so i will post how i do it and would like to hear others

when i have some one who want to be a sniper I make sure they want to be a sniper and not a DM, by having them follow me during a game. Neither of us fire, all we do is look through Bino's and at the map and call in positions to the team to get the other side out. This teaches him patience/teamwork/stealth and most importantly that sniping isnt glamorous. This weeds out the "i want the farthest shooting gun" freaks really fast.
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Kind of like what me and my spotter did today. My rifle was down, and so was his. We both were equipped with a knife, and me with my ghillie. We both had radios and basically just used stealth to stay hidden all day, while still communicating with our squad. One guy actually walked two feet in front of me and did not notice. Got my first knife kill ;) It really is interesting how effective a sniper can be without the rifle. In fact, most people do not realize, the sniper is not just there for the long shot. They are there to provide communication and information to the squads.
agreed its a support role just like a SAW gunner. I always tell people if you want to be a rock star go join Special forces
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