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Team RAGE Video

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Our team RAGE (Recon Airsoft Goes Elite) has made a video, I pretty much edited and shot all of this, except for parts where I'm in it. But here it is, enjoy.;9060155;/fileinfo.html

leave feedback, we're primarily a sniper team so yeah, enjoy.
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Nice video man, I wish I lived near a field like that! Also, does one of your guys have an M14, if so, what company?
We have an Echo one EBR that Doc uses. And two Echo1 Soc 16's.

If you look in the RAGE Armory pictures you can see them.
Thanks for the positive feedback, something I should add is that if you want to see this stuff in the highest quality your best bet is to actually download the movie. It is available for streaming, but it'll be lower quality and more laggy-ish.

Oh, and thanks to the guy who smited me. Don't really know why, but cool.
I enjoyed it. I forgot how many snipers RAGE has acquired. I thought Tex was slowly going to support gunner with his RPK?
Well, I think he's actually going to pick up a CA SAW. What's funny though is that with him picking up that SAW I've already bought a Maruzen APS-2 and some other stuff so I'm pretty much a sniper now except for big ops when Livonia needs a sidearm.
we found some footage that we thought we lost, so we went back and re-edited the video a bit. so Mosin, once you read this, feel free to take the link and replace the one above and delete this post. but the new video link is:;9060155;/fileinfo.html
Majority of the guys are in the 20-22 range. But our new aquired Oakey is the young gun on the team, at the age of 16. Then it's me (17) Livonia (18) and Doc (30) Mirage and blindshot I believe are both 20 and Tex is 21
Pretty much, no one on my team is older than 18. Too bad. But like Mosin said in an earlier post, age does not matter.
great vid, i like the part in the beginning didn't get to finish it yet but nice job! :)
Very nice video, I have to compliment on your choice of music as well. Great job editing Mosin.
Why does Doc always look like he could be a Hollywood Badass? Anyway, I demand a new video! With Tex in it with his RPK and everyone with there winter gear!
Heh, we might release a new RAGE video. But it will be more for recruitment purpose and not so much just solid gameplay, of course it'll have both..
not a bad idea rabbit... ill have to throw some of my winter ghillie pics up here for you guys as i dont think you were out at BoB to see it...
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