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The Airsoft Handbook Issue #2 Help

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If you haven't The Airsoft Handbook Before it here is Issue 1

Issue #2 pre release cover

So now that Issue #1 is done I'm on to Issue #2, but to improve and make it better I could use some help.

I'm looking for:
Gun Reviews (stock) w/high quality pictures
Tech Reports (upgrading, DIY, Modding, Fixing)
Team Interview (Contact me)
Personal Interview (have a unique story to tell)
Airsoft Comic
Load outs (Send me a high quality picture of you in your load out with a description)
Action Photos
Event Review w/pictures
Funny Ads
Gear Reviews
Airsoft Related Articles
Retailer Spotlight (are you a retailer and would like to be interviewed contact me)
and anything else you might like to see.

I hope to release in March so I need entries no later than mid February. If you are a retailer and would like to place an ad or have a review of a piece of equipment you can also drop us a line.

All entries need to be made to [email:n5t6malw][email protected][/email:n5t6malw]
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silentfury214 said:
I can submit a review on the KWA M4 and on the JG BAR-10.
If you would like to write them up w/pictures and send them in that would be great.... The KWA M4 top on that list..

fuzzywolly said:
I have some of the things you are looking for, and am sure some other guys here do as well.

What I could contribute:
1. Gun review (as you are already aware: talked in pm)
2. Upgrading: Did a special on the type 96 upgrades and what order to buy them in
3. Load outs: I am finishing my sniper loadout, and should be able to get some really good pictures up soon. I already have a few and would be happy to let you use them if it works for you.
4. Ghillie review: How to make a ghillie. I plan on making another from scratch and would add those pictures to the thread I already made.
5. Tactics: There is some good information such as concealment, etc. that has been written by members such as Livonia, and others as well.

2. (scroll down entire page for target shooting results and comparison chart)
5. Written by Livonia:

Also, there is a guy on here who does airsoft comics and they are really funny. Try talking to him about if they could be put in your guide.
Thanks for the links I have been scouring the boards for articles to use and these links help. Would love the Ghille article for the Sniper Perch section.
Deadline is Mid Feb. so you have plenty of time....
I'm now looking for pictures of playing in the snow and someone to write an article on cold weather play....
soldierofvalor said:
Winter is upon us here in Colorado, and where I usually play up in the mountains should have snow on the ground for many months to come, I'll see if I can get you an article on cold weather play :) any details you are looking for in particular?
  • Types of gear[/*:m:w18gds90]
  • How to protect yourself[/*:m:w18gds90]
  • How to protect your gear[/*:m:w18gds90]
  • Safety concerns[/*:m:w18gds90]
  • and anything else about playing in cold weather that would help someone be safe and have fun.[/*:m:w18gds90]
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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