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The Airsoft Handbook Issue #2 Help

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If you haven't The Airsoft Handbook Before it here is Issue 1

Issue #2 pre release cover

So now that Issue #1 is done I'm on to Issue #2, but to improve and make it better I could use some help.

I'm looking for:
Gun Reviews (stock) w/high quality pictures
Tech Reports (upgrading, DIY, Modding, Fixing)
Team Interview (Contact me)
Personal Interview (have a unique story to tell)
Airsoft Comic
Load outs (Send me a high quality picture of you in your load out with a description)
Action Photos
Event Review w/pictures
Funny Ads
Gear Reviews
Airsoft Related Articles
Retailer Spotlight (are you a retailer and would like to be interviewed contact me)
and anything else you might like to see.

I hope to release in March so I need entries no later than mid February. If you are a retailer and would like to place an ad or have a review of a piece of equipment you can also drop us a line.

All entries need to be made to [email:n5t6malw][email protected][/email:n5t6malw]
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Winter is upon us here in Colorado, and where I usually play up in the mountains should have snow on the ground for many months to come, I'll see if I can get you an article on cold weather play :) any details you are looking for in particular?
Sounds good, I'll get started on that this weekend
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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