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+1 to sticky, nice guide man!

One modification - any scouts should go to the respawn before the support gunners - they pose a much greater threat to your team - they can provide intel to the enemy that you don't want them to have.

One more thing, don't underestimate someone with a rifle that LOOKS like it is low quality. Mine looks like a stock WELL, but doesn't shoot like one at all. A better way to gauge a sniper's experience and skill is their fieldcraft. If they 1) move as if they know what they're doing, etc. and 2) shoot a ton, or just observe. If they are good, and are true scout snipers, they will be doing a vast majority of recon, and just radioing targets, while redeploying to the flanks if they see the need. Those guys need to be taken out very first, an effective sniper can decimate a team.
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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