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Well hate to tell you Octoberknight. AtoZ svd sucks. The AtoZ svd was my first sniper rifle ever, and cause of that I almost quited playing airsoft. The AtoZ was one of the originals svd, which all the other manufacturers copied Example: King arms and A&K. What makes the rifle bad is how it's made. The whole front proportion of the gun (front stock and barrel) is hold on by three 2mil hex screws. The same sort of screws what are used in the PDI aps/type 96 hoppup unit. You can imagine how stupid that is. Few times when I jumped a Cliff down and hold the rifle with one hand on the front stock the screws friction failed the gun broke in half. There is no replacement parts expect the hoppup rubber, inner barrel and the spring. The screws are horrible, the hoppup unite is horrible, cylinder/piston is horrible. But there were few good things about this gun. All most all the parts were made out of metal and the gun could take a m170 spring with out any problems. Except it's bitch to cock the rifle. Now days I have one a&k svd and a one AtoZ svd at my home. Both are not mine, but they ended up here cause the problems what hunts those guns are just to horrible. I'm going to modify one of those corpses to be a SVU-A. RS svd is so much Superior compared to the AtoZ svd.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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