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Hello all,
I know this is off topic, which is why I posted here
, but I have been looking through countless airsoft forums and notice a lot of people have had their pictures removed from photobucket. I don't know if thats because they are inative or something, but I would really prefer if that didn't happen to me. Now I need to make an account on a site so I can show you all some pics but which do you guys use to share yours ?? ???

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As long as you do not delete your pics from photobucket, they will not show the message "removed from photobucket." If you do not want that to happen, just don't delete them. ;)

Every once and a while though, photobucket does updating and will show that message rather than the pic. But that is only temporary. I love photobucket, and recommend it for those who don't delete their pics often.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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