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The best way to upgrade and replace a broken bolt?

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That's it: the stock cocking piece broke on me today.

Before going shopping-frenzy I considered the following:

1. I could replace just the cocking piece with a steel version. The steel version is going to be more durable BUT it is going to wear out the non-steel parts it works with ten times faster.

Plus: the G&G Steel Cocking Piece is out of spec compared to the original piece.


2. I could replace the entire bolt with a steel version. This would make the whole thing sturdy as a tank BUT the G&G Power Bolt has a one-piece nozzle that cannot be replaced..and this is not good since I want to be able to use the KA Chamber conversion and power nozzle as an option. Some reported that it was possible to remove the nozzle from the G&G Power Bolt but it is still unconfirmed.

Also: The G&G Power Bolt is NOT a PCS version.


3. I could get a Falcon Upgrade Kit, which has a steel cocking piece and is up to spec.

Also: It comes with a spring..but I do not think it is going to be stronger than the KA version (strong is going to help me for the co2 conversion)

BUT: The cocking handle was damaged (has some dents) from the broken cocking I would need to get a steel cocking handle as well or maybe a new stock version. Since the cocking piece rubs on the handle, I am afraid having a non-steel version might wear it off prematurely.

Suggestions and opinions are super-welcome :)
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I think I've read somewhere (probably at airsoftforum tanaka section) someone removed the nozzle of the power bolt by heating it and placed the KA nozzle.
I've found it...

wolfgeorge said:
I think I've read somewhere (probably at airsoftforum tanaka section) someone removed the nozzle of the power bolt by heating it and placed the KA nozzle.

True..but I think it implied some "controlled brute force" drilling to get the nozzle out.

The good thing about the G&G Power bolt is the spring arm (inside the bolt) being steel or somewhat reinforce, anyway..although I don't think that "vertically" that piece is going to get a lot of stress from the cocking and triggering process.

The G&G Power Bolt is not PCS/preban..that is also something I'd like to keep..and it's a one-piece element so I won't be able to use the PCS part of the bolt anyway.

Mh, it seems that SOME parts would still be good..but then not all of it.

I hope the Falcon kit does not wear off my entire bolt, since the cocking piece is steel and the bolt isn't. Plus I might need a steel cocking handle as well.

Argh, dilemmas. Thanks Wolf,
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I told you Tanaka's are prone to break!!
Many people think I'm crazy everything I write comes from my experience. If you notice I don't write to everything just to increase my post number but everywhere I have some experience.
The G&G steel cocking piece doesn't fit on mine neither the striker spring.
I'd suggest go for the power bolt, the pcs is s nice feature but it's a whole procedure to change the fps, you need to retune everything from the start. I've placed mine on a possition and it's there ever since. Plus it's advertised a bit too much, you can always do that with an external rig and you've decided to go that way.... So job's done!! Go with power bolt.

True. You are right and I got those words carefully from you and other users: I knew that Part 91 and the cocking piece were the ones who would give troubles.

If the PowerBolt is "fully open" as in PCS terms then that is the thing I need. I will be able to change the FPS via the air rig and I am going to get the Best Gun Hop Kit (as suggested by Chees Man, as well) so I can use the power bolt nozzle with it, no problem. I can then switch later on if needed and sell the upgrades I am not using for 50% the price, after I get a good guts feeling about what is best..if I am in the mood of selling :)

UPDATE: The nozzle on the Power Bolt seems to be impossible to remove without some hard drilling, which could make any further nozzle installation impossible or not aligned..argh.
Man, if you find the BGS kit, let me know, I have been looking for another one for EVER!
Cheese Man said:
Man, if you find the BGS kit, let me know, I have been looking for another one for EVER!
I might have found one but it is a German store. I asked them if they are going to ship internationally and I am currently waiting for their reply :)
I think the KA is a newer design and thus better but I'm not entirely sure.

I am going to give you all the required info as soon as I get them, don't worry :) I am interested in the BG Kit as well. You never end experimenting on a project gun (until you go broke :)).
You could find someone with a lathe/mill who could produce the parts you need.
I was told by many owners that the G&G Steel Cocking Bolt (also part of the power pack) works flawlessly for them and it's been working for 4 years. I wanted to get the Falcon upgrade kit too, just to make sure, but I was told it is in not necessary (by the store owner, which lost 80 bucks this way, +1 to him for honesty). I was almost going for the G&G Trigger plate in steel but I was told it is not necessary, as well (plus I would need to order it from another store).

So there I go: G&G Power Pack it is. Am I allowed to link to the web site? The store owner told me he has a 4 years knowledge in Tanakas and his shop only has Tanaka and PTW stuff. He has plenty of BG kit and spare rubbers, too.
I know that in some cases it works but it doesn't fit in any of the six rifles I've worked on!!
Don't rush it take your and make some research, on my AICS I use only the strike plate on the mags! Nothing else fit!! The striker spring is too stiff, the cocking piece doesn't fit and the internals part of the mag left the outlet valve partly open!!
I was completely wasted money!
Now I'll have to test it on the M700 Police to see if it fits.

What shop is this? I would really like to pick up an extra BGS kit or two...
It is Fine Arms If you write Friedrick (the owner) let him know you got it from Alberto :).

Wolf, if you try the cocking piece on the M700 please let me know your thoughts on it! Thanks :)
I will try it but don't know when... At my spare time I work on tuning some pistol projects.

No problem, just if you do, I'd be curious to know, of course :)
wolfgeorge said:
Do they ship within europe?

Yes, they do. When creating an account, I noticed you couldn't select any country other than "Germany" so I emailed the store and the owner (Friedrick) told me they ship within Europe, no problem.
Just ordered a G&G Power Pack from - I'll be away from the 15th to the 22nd but after that I will be able to file a complete report about the G&G cocking piece, hopefully increasing the amount of knowledge and pictures on the matter :)
Hey reezo I've just tested the G&G cocking piece on the Police and re-tested again on the AICS the result is the same, it doesn't work!

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