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the better side arm?

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Im trying to decide which of these pistols would be better; both cost 30 dollars. Option one is a H&K electric pistol that comes with 2 12 round clips and shoots both semi and full auto and puts out the bbs at 180 fps with .12s. Option 2 is a UTG spring pistol that comes with 1 26 round clip, a silencer, and shoots at 230 fps with .2s.
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However, so as not to be a completely useless post. You should probably just save up and get a gas pistol. There are a lot of active threads right now talking about particular side arms and what is skirmish-able.

However, if you are on a budget, at least get a NBB pistol. They will have comparable range to what other people will be running, but they will break pretty fast.
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What Im really looking for though is a gun with relatively low fps, so it can by used at closer ranges. Correct me if Im wrong- but I was under the impression that gas guns normally ran around 400 fps- which is far too high to use within most distance regulations of around 30 feet for cqb weapons.
... how CQB are you getting? Most fields I have seen/been to have a 400 fps limit for all 'normal' guns with a minimum engagement of 15' or so. If you're inside of 15'... you messed up, and you should just call a kill... or use your (fake) knife. If you are playing on actual CQB ranges, no offense, but this probably isn't the forum you should be on lol.

Edit: And that is even if they chrono gas guns. The major fields around here don't even bother usually. Most gas guns will chrono around 340-360 out of the box, high end guns will be closer to 400+. My KWA M9PTP was 450 out of the box, but its gettin old :(
ahaha, alright I see what youre getting at. Maybe the field in my town is just super strict...
It's possible, but if you posted more specifics to your situation and what/why you're looking for different things it would make it a lot easier for us to help you.
I'd recommend just saving a few more dollars for a gas gun. 45$ gets you a nice USP shooting around 320 fps with .20s. Should be fine for CQB as long as you're not unloading full mags at point blank, lol.
I'm really enjoying this gun!

Then again, more on topic, If you're going to be like... indoors, messing around with really close quarters, I'd go with the first one, the electric for a few reasons.
1) Indoor, or ranges <30' you don't really need the accuracy over distance that FPS gives you. 2) ROF means a lot more at that range, and a spring pistol < electric
and 3) To be honest, it would probably be nicer on the other guy. He'll still feel the shots, but they're not going to sting like a gas gun.

So, if you're going to be engaging over 30 feet, get a gas gun, and if you're going to be engaging under 30 feet, go with the electric.
You could get a decent AEP for like $50. - CYMA P226 or glock. (P226 is better)
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