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I'd recommend just saving a few more dollars for a gas gun. 45$ gets you a nice USP shooting around 320 fps with .20s. Should be fine for CQB as long as you're not unloading full mags at point blank, lol.
I'm really enjoying this gun!

Then again, more on topic, If you're going to be like... indoors, messing around with really close quarters, I'd go with the first one, the electric for a few reasons.
1) Indoor, or ranges <30' you don't really need the accuracy over distance that FPS gives you. 2) ROF means a lot more at that range, and a spring pistol < electric
and 3) To be honest, it would probably be nicer on the other guy. He'll still feel the shots, but they're not going to sting like a gas gun.

So, if you're going to be engaging over 30 feet, get a gas gun, and if you're going to be engaging under 30 feet, go with the electric.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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