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The changing VSR

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Well someone said I should post this over here so here you go.

I have tried allot of airsoft platforms and like the VSR the best so far cause of its adaption to real steel. I have built every kind of APS, I also built a CA m24 which I still have.

There are no power upgrades yet as this is more of a project gun I have been messing with and I don't get out to play all that often.

It started out with a B&C tactical stock cause I wanted something more heavy and not flimsy like the VSR stock.

Then my next project with it evolved cause I am going to try and inlet one of the B&C stocks for my real steel ruger 77/22. I wanted to see how close I could get to a mcmillan a3 stock just by sanding and texturing. This is the aftermath.

Then the finished gun for my terrain out here.

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I really like it! Nice job on the custom stocks, I really like the OD one, but they're both great!
holy ffffffffffffffff nice man, really nice.....

Have you considered a new bolt though? Laylax makes a really nice one.
I did not get one cause I want it to be as close to the real 700 as possible. If I change the handle then I am just going to mill off the one that is on there and screw on an aftermarket 700 handle. Plus I have no need to replace this one cause it works just fine. If it aint broke, don't fix it.

What part of Hawaii you from? Oahu I am guessing?

I use to be on the Big island. All my family lives out there. I am stuck in the dusty valley of las vegas right now do to job advancements but hope to get back over to Kona this winter. There is a group of us that still play in Kona known as Airsoft Kona (AK) ... my brother still runs it over there. On the down side I heard that our field over there was taken over by growth and not enough people to maintain it so they are in the process of finding another feild...
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Oh wow dude, haha, yah, Oahu. You might want to hit up the HAC forums. It's like the biggest airsoft forums in Hawaii. We have 327 members and over 21,000 posts. ^_^

I know we got SEVERAL guys from the Big Island on the forums. Only one I can think of off the bat is Riki-o. Not only that but we also have plenty of guys who, like you, moved away from Hawaii and still stay in touch. Even guys who never been to Hawaii at all. I am one of the forums moderators. So yah, you should check it out, we'd love to have yah! ^_^ More the merrier!
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