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I am the Designated Marksman or the Scout Sniper type and I use a red dot scope instead of the standard scope which is faster in acquiring targets. The first time I played airsoft 7 years ago I was running with a team with a bolt action and a red dot scope and I was also the one who had the first kill. I also use a DE M47 shotgun with a red dot scope in CQBs and I pump 3 bbs before I fire a shot and it was quite accurate

This is how I practice using a bolt action with a red dot scope for marksmanship.
Tercel M007 Airsoft Sniper Matchstick Target - YouTube
That's sick man....!

Also, if you want a AEG i strongly recommend a HPA kit to it instead, you'll get a bit more range but alot better consistency. Look up the polarstar kit.

But also! Yes you would make it as accurate as you possibly could. You just outrange your squad with a few meters in airsofting, but thats enough!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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