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I've seen a couple of threads of people asking how to get an AEG to shoot 500 FPS. However, they are saying they want the AEGs to be DMRs. If you are truly trying to make a DMR wouldn't you do everything you can to make the rifle more accurate at range with an FPS of only 400? Designated Marksman Rifles in the real world are meant to give accurate fire at only slightly farther then "normal" infantry. Also the designated marksman moves with an infantry platoon. In airsoft if you have a DMR that shoots over 400 FPS you will not be able to move with a group as effectively as you'll have to be farther back because of the minimum range of a 100 ft.

Am I out of line here? I'm making a DMR myself, however, I'm working on getting my rifle to shoot accurately at distance and as close to 400 FPS as I can.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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