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hey all,

Im Robin or Pvt.13

I'm new to the boards and to airsoft.

ive been playing for 3 weeks now, done about 8 games in my backyard (which isnt legal I know), im going to play skirms in belgium as soon as I buy myself a well L96, which should be next month i hope.

ive been shooting random stuff for a year now with my dad's old air rifle, bought a 4x20 scope for it, which i will use on my sniper rifle.

ive always been good at spotting small details and hiding myself, 2 things most people here on the boards seem to be at

im making myself a ghillie now, ill post some pics on the ghillie thread.

I play warhammer and dnd now and then, i like hanging out with friends and have fun..
I also like most outside activities like mountainbiken, hiking and stuff like that

Im from the Netherlands and as far as ive read, im the only dutch one here :)

thats about it and thanks for the information given on other threads, which helpen me a lot, and i hope you can help me with my progress to becoming a somewhat good sniper.

if you got any questions feel free to ask, i might be able to help you guys aswell as you can me.


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Welcome to the boards. I actually had the privilage to train with the Dutch Royal Marines out here in the USA for a few months doing some mountain warfare training, they all seemed like pretty stand up guys (Well, the ones that spoke english anyways. I tried learning a few words but no real help there

Welcome to the boards man,
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