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So this is my taurus pt99 i got this baby second hand on my country's version of craigslist i paid only 25$ because it was broken...

Who would have thought that it just needed a new triggerbar

i didnt even buy a new one i just took the one out of my Asg m92f (that i also paid 25$ for)... And shaped it abit with a dremel

Now works great in semi and sometimes i full auto...

but ive read this i because of the extended magazine messing with the feeding and causing jamming...

ill need to buy more mags anyway
but when i do there will be no stopping my full auto blowback fury

And yeah! That's a bipod adapter on my pistol
I think it looks kinda cool

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Why were you blown away by something that was broken tho
He just thinks that the fact that he owns it is cool.
And what country do you live in that I can buy hi capas for 25$. I'll be booking myself an American Airlines priority flight there lol
The flag next to the word 'registered' that is under his username would suggest he lives in Norway.
The reason it was so cheap is because it was a second hand gun that he bought broken.
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