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The G&G G96

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As a few of you ay know from earlier posts I have been looking for a gas operated rifle over a spring. So... What do people think about the G96? Can people enlighten me on this please?

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It's a Tanaka clone, with all upgrade parts by G&G already installed.
The mags from Tanaka doesn't fit though.
IMO its a good alternative to Tanaka as it has much more steel parts.
One thing though you should know it's that it's equipped with the power bolt and if you want to install a VSR hop up you'll have to drill out the bolts nozzle.

I was curious about the same thing, so after you drill out the bolt nozzle, how do you attach the long nozzle that comes with the VSR Hop Up?
You glue the nozzle on the bolt!
Here's a video (it's most of the time out of focus) to get the idea

It's not the problem of the modification of any rifle, it's just the fact that i've never worked on a gas platform before so I don't really know what Im doing. What's the stock hop like? And if you could recommend any gas rifle for someone who is very familiar with spring and can hold their own on the 'expert level' of knowledge about them looking to make the transition over to gas, what would it be?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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