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The Ghillie and the Gun.

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Well, I have lurked long enough. Time to show you fellas what I'm rolling with.

But first, the classic sniper pic...

I made my ghillie by hand, the good ol' fashion way. The coat is not mil-spec, just a military 'esque type jacket I had laying around. I reinforced the chest and the elbows with canvas. It is mostly broken in, but it could still use a lot of tender love and care (by that I mean abuse, mud, sun fading, etc.)

The ghillie front

The ghillie back

The rifle

This is my rifle, the Maruzen Type 96. I built the gun from the ground up. I got it stock from Redwolf just about two years ago. Now it isn't quite stock.

It has the following...
-Laylax Zero Trigger
-Laylax Teflon Cylinder
-Laylax Cylinder Head
-Laylax High-Power Piston
-Laylax Power Accuracy Cup
-Laylax Spring Guide
-Laylax 150 Spring
-PDI Hop-Up Chamber
-Prometheus Soft Bucking
-Prometheus 650mm Tightbore Barrel
-King Arms Suppressor
-King Arms 3.5-10X Replica M3 Scope
-Many sleepless nights

Thanks for taking a look. I am sure there are more pictures to come. Feel free to comment.
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inthetallgrass said:
aydonmill said:
I think I already hqve proven that a longer barrel is lessaccurate in several posts. Whetwr ormnot you beleive in the cushion or air or the bounce method. So dont get cheeky lol.
Haha, I know, just it's funny that you bring it up whenever possible. It's cool though, cause I agree with the barrel length thing.

But yeah, some ghillie close ups would be sweet!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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