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The Ghillie and the Gun.

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Well, I have lurked long enough. Time to show you fellas what I'm rolling with.

But first, the classic sniper pic...

I made my ghillie by hand, the good ol' fashion way. The coat is not mil-spec, just a military 'esque type jacket I had laying around. I reinforced the chest and the elbows with canvas. It is mostly broken in, but it could still use a lot of tender love and care (by that I mean abuse, mud, sun fading, etc.)

The ghillie front

The ghillie back

The rifle

This is my rifle, the Maruzen Type 96. I built the gun from the ground up. I got it stock from Redwolf just about two years ago. Now it isn't quite stock.

It has the following...
-Laylax Zero Trigger
-Laylax Teflon Cylinder
-Laylax Cylinder Head
-Laylax High-Power Piston
-Laylax Power Accuracy Cup
-Laylax Spring Guide
-Laylax 150 Spring
-PDI Hop-Up Chamber
-Prometheus Soft Bucking
-Prometheus 650mm Tightbore Barrel
-King Arms Suppressor
-King Arms 3.5-10X Replica M3 Scope
-Many sleepless nights

Thanks for taking a look. I am sure there are more pictures to come. Feel free to comment.
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fuzzywolly said:
Nice pics man, I believe I saw that rifle one on MIA. ;)
I think that the rifle you are thinking of is upstairs in my closet actually
. I was reading his parts list and thought it looked very familiar. I think we have very close builds with a few exceptions. I bought my gun used and pre-installed so I am still tinkering with it trying to get the hop up to work right. I will have to consider the shorter barrel length once I test it with a working hop up. This is my first upgraded rifle so my experience is limited....I would appreciate some feedback about the performance that you are experiencing with your rifle hunt. Here is my parts list by the way.

-Maruzen Type 96
-PDI 240 Spring
-Laylax Spring Guide
-Laylax High Pressure Piston
-Laylax Teflon Cylinder
-Laylax Zero Trigger
-Prometheus PSG-1 650mm 6.03 Tight Bore Barrel
-Pro-Arms 6.5inch Silencer / silencer attachment
-PDI Hop Up Chamber
-Laylax APS2 and L96 Power Accuracy Cup
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