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The good The bad The Bipod

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Who uses one? If so did you keep the one that the gun came with or spend $$$ for a better one?
Who thinks they are total trash, and just add extra weight?
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on longer OPs weight is always a consideration. so I never use a bi pod instead I use a bench rest.
here is what i mean..

or if you feel that pack is just too big.. there is this alternative..

and here it is in action.....
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where would you find one of those backpacks Mojo?
Also, you couldn't use that for ghillie sniping, could you?
well you could use the pack to carry your stuff in and then ghillie up...

but there is also another concept that doesn't get discussed much in Scout/Sniper tactics by the general public

and that is the creation of the "HIDE" ..Think duck hunters..
you construct a stationary camo structure that you hide under or behind.
Ghillie blankets work really well for this application in woodland settings.

also here is the link for just the support and can be applied to just about anything.
its only $25 >>>

and some more links.....
so this one is complete pack, hydration, rest, and so on...

here is a different version....

here is just the rest...

and here is a good but cheap pack to apply the rest to....
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I know about the hide, but when in airsoft, except on really long ops, do you have the time to construct a hide? also, will field owners let you mess up a small piece of land to make your hide?
A plus to using a pack is a bit of cover.
you would really be surprised how fast they can go up.

this one would take 10 minutes...
its just natural foliage on top of netting.

If you take the time to make a good Ghillie Blanket... or buy one ...
something like this

Hell in a pinch just kick some natural foliage and dirt around the base of your pack.
Lie down and throw the blanket over you. basically just do this but cover up with the blanket... your back half is exposed but sometime that doesn't matter.

Remember over 90% of your opposition has not been trained to spot what snipers do.. in terms of camoflauge. hell 70% of the time you can hide in plain site. here is an ultimate example (granted these guys are pros)

there are 12 snipers in that image you should see 4-5 instantly, 4 are using the obvious vegetative mounds and I can not find the last 3. The point is 65% of the time you can employ lesser quality camo and still be just as effective.
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that is true Mojo, but i was thinking of a more fortified hide. kind of like how they dug out a ditch in the first picture. that is interesting with the 12 snipers, i found all but one.
A hide, just like any other fighting position should provide 360* security. People forget that snipers don't work alone or just with a spotter. I know AS is much different. Basically think of a low budget "bunker", someone correct me on this, given your time limit focus more on concealment then cover. As dumb as that sounds.
Hey guys I thought this was interesting..

oldsoldier posted up his setup in another thread that runs along this ideal...

Just thought i'd highlight here for relevance...

Set Up-

US VN era Light Tiger/ with OD floppy
US M-1954 LBE 8X M14 lowcap mags in pouches, 7X lowcap 20rd M16 in bandoleer, 7x lowcap M16 in chinese issue SKS vest.
US Lightweight ruck(drape and cover netting inside) food/poncho liners, socks, cookcan, heattabs, instant coffee, M+M's and other sundries from the old days.

G+G M-14 Vet v3 w/ RL 3X9 ART (the one off my M1A real steel)
CA XM177E2 backup
CAW M-79 w/ 3 shotshell, 2 foam rockets (slung across top of ruck)
KWA M-1911A1 3X mags

Have been out there in hides for hours, proper drape and depth netting, no-one knows where it comes from.
It strikes me as odd to carry a hide site kit (or any of that extra crap) instead of a bipod because it's too heavy.

Perhaps we should discuss the aspects of whether you actually need a portable rest for stability in various airsoft scenarios. That would address the bipod question more accurately (pun intended- and a factor in if the extra stability helps the equipment that much).
Honestly, in airsoft, the bipod is much more for looks than actual use. I find that any shot taken in airsoft can easily be done at the shoulder, or at least off a tree branch, etc. We're not taking several hundred yard shots here, so it's not exactly a necessary thing even though many people do still like to use them.

They have their places where they are nice, and others where they are cumbersome, I think it's really something that's on an individual basis rather than "which one is best".

Personally, I would be entirely useless if I stayed in one spot on the fields that I play on. I need to keep moving around and finding good vantage points to provide long range cover for my team, otherwise I'm fairly useless. Not to mention the intimidation factor of having bolt action rounds fly at the enemy is always a key tool which we try to employ.
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Tex said:
Personally, I would be entirely useless if I stayed in one spot on the fields that I play on. I need to keep moving around and finding good vantage points to provide long range cover for my team, otherwise I'm fairly useless. Not to mention the intimidation factor of having bolt action rounds fly at the enemy is always a key tool which we try to employ.
Same here

But I do carry a vintage clip-on one for my M14/21,just in case, and the one on my SR25 is more for looks than practical use though I have used it to good effect on a couple of sites ;)
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For me, it is a very open topic. I have always shot unsuported as it is the most unforgiving. (A personal preference) When I was teaching on the range, we would always make our Marines shoot unsuported. As that is the basics of shooting. You and your riffle. Equipment fails, sometimes you don't have a bipod or are put in a situation where one can't be used.
No new news to any of us here, isn't a Snipers job to deliver well aimed shots in a timely manor? You know "one shot, one kill" or if you are Lee Harvey Oswald "three shots, one kill". Use what you have and use it to its full advantage. Thats what makes you a sniper/DM
I have enjoyed reading what everyone has said relating to this topic and thank you for that.
tex is right, a 100 yard shot (at the most), can be easily taken from the shoulder.
I have a bipod on my M700 AICS. I played all day last sat. I used my bipod once. It can be nice once in a wile.
Everyone knows that at least 75% of airsoft is about looking sexy. For some reason, a sniper and his rifle doesn't quite look right with out the right bipod...functionality aside.
Yea allot of rifles do look better with bipods.
IMHO, bipods are invalueble, especially in areas with thick undergrowth where you really need that bit of a raise. They are also a great aid for observation and aiming. With a little practice, they can be deployed or stowed with agility and stealth. Snagging them are sometimes inevitable but they are easily unsnagged as well. No biggie. Anyways, my pods don't get snagged that often because I usually "clear" whatever is immediately ahead of my head and shoulders. Cuddling the rifle like a bolster also helps in preventing snags.
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