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kjwsniper said:
Less consistent than spring as far as velocity on some rifles(M700 does have a velocity gauge/adjuster to combat problem)
Hopefully it won't delete your post when I try to quote you again...

Anyways, a lot of bigger fields/event hosts, in Ohio especially will not let you use a gas gun that has a velocity adjuster that can be accessed without taking the gun apart, for obvious safety reason while out in the field.

I also know a lot of event hosts in Ohio that kind of frown upon the use of gas rifles in the spring/fall because during chrono time in the morning it's going to be cooler = less pressure in the gas = lower chrono results. So, unknowingly, by mid-day your gun could be shooting above the velocity limits for said fields. A lot of times during those seasons, if you gun chrono's within 30-40 FPS of the limit in the morning, they will ask you to use another gun for the game.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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