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I have had APS2 MK2 SPORTER, VSR10 G-SPEC, KJW M700P, Tanaka M40a1 and TM M14 rifles. I will say my favourite is my preban m40a1 with the 2roy VSR HOP conversions kit. It fires far more accurately than a stock tanaka rifle and the range is also far better. The kit gets the most from the tanaka series and is essential IMO if you want to be a serious gas rifle user.

However, I suggest if you are only buying 1 rifle then is should be a spring one (preferably VSR10 or BAR10 IMO). It will work all year round and be a good benchmark to get your future gas rifle benchmarked against.

Gas rifles (at 550fps) are still pretty loud.

Good Hunting ;)
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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