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A spring rifle can be modified to shoot harder and more accurate than a gas rifle and be much more reliable. Gas easily over lubricates your bb's when they go through the hopup, which will cause for inconstancy no doubt. Ive owned a preban gas M700, Gspec, and my Maruzen L96 I have now. I sold my M700 because its much more of a hassle than spring.

I can leave my spring rifle in its case then pull it back out and it will fire in the same spot every time. Gas rifles require fine hopup tuning in the slightest changes of weather. When a gas rifle shoots on a mild day vapor pours out of the barrel leaving you with no sight on the round going downrange, basically destroying your chance for precise adjustments if missed.
Using gas in colder temp's can cause your hop bucking to virtually crumble from being so cold, also shrinks all of your O-rings. Using spring in the cold is not nearly as bad as gas in terms of accuracy, but once you use it in 10 or so degrees you will notice it shoots more inaccurate. I think what happens is the compressed air coming out of the cylinder is so cold it liquefies and gets your bucking wet, in turn freezing it over.

Racking the bolt is not hard, you just need to get used to it. There is no noticeable speed difference, and you shouldn't ever really need to expel bb's that fast anyways.

I have had a gas and spring, I prefer spring.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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