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The hunt for an airsoft CZ75A

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Hey everyone,
I've been looking for an airsoft CZ-75 Auto, and I saw that KWA showcased one at shotshow back in 2014, however there's nothing when you do a web search for it. Aside from the KWA one, I've found no other airsoft replicas of them. Anyone know where I could find one? Thanks.
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You want the KWA or are you trying to find a different brand? I think KWA is the only one that makes a CZ-75.
Brand doesn't matter too much, but quality does.
And KWA only has the KZ75, but the Auto variant is what I'm looking for.
If you really want one , I can check around for you in some of the Japanese shops

If you wouldn't mind, that'd be great. Remember, I'm looking for the auto variant.
Thanks you guys, and yeah, I've seen that KWA one, it's the only result I've gotten so far.. Thanks for the effort though.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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