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The J-Hop Testing Thread

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Before even reading this post, i suggest you take a look at this thread first and read through all the pages so you understand what the J-hop is and the many possibilities available.

Unfortunately, the thread on airsoft society has seemed to dwindle off a bit, and i haven't found much more testing done on this. If your going to take a stab at this mod, please share your results with everyone here so we can learn from each others mistakes and find a good solution. Once we find something that works, this will be a much easier method to making R/ER-hops or any type of hop for that matter.
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ok, im doing my KJW 1911 stock barrel right this moment, and instead of ducktape like i did for my D boys SPR, i am using saran wrap to get to the requisite thickness. we will see if that is smooth enough

Edit- that does not work, the saran wrap sticks to itself to much, i also tried aluminum foil and wax paper, neither really worked.
I do have Teflon tape, issue is however that it is not very wide, i think the best option would be flashing tape for fixing duct work, similar i imagine to the tin tape MilsimTech used. as for having it not stick to that tape, maybe a carefully applied layer of grease?
im at work right now, but when I get back home the first one I did should be done curing, ~18 hours should be plenty. I also started a second barrel, but on this one I used a piece of wax paper to pull tight around the outside so it looks nicer, then pulled it off to just the edge of the barrel window, will see how that one cures.

The barrel i will be doing the accuracy test with will be a stock Dboys barrel from 2011 using a stock G&G green bucking, flat hopped, in a stock metal hop up unit.
I also tested a barrel i did with this, DuckTape is not smooth enough on the exterior, was applying way to much hop on a .25 out of a G&G M16
1 - 4 of 48 Posts
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