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The J-Hop Testing Thread

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Before even reading this post, i suggest you take a look at this thread first and read through all the pages so you understand what the J-hop is and the many possibilities available.

Unfortunately, the thread on airsoft society has seemed to dwindle off a bit, and i haven't found much more testing done on this. If your going to take a stab at this mod, please share your results with everyone here so we can learn from each others mistakes and find a good solution. Once we find something that works, this will be a much easier method to making R/ER-hops or any type of hop for that matter.
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Sorry for necro but I see this pretty cool hop-mod. I will try tomorrow with my AEG first (Arma Ak haha ) then report later

not perfect but seem ok, I will test it tomorrow :D
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You guys ever try cutting up a aeg bucking for the r hop. I did it and it works like a r hop
How you do that ? cut a piece and put in at barrel window ?
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