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The J-Hop Testing Thread

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Before even reading this post, i suggest you take a look at this thread first and read through all the pages so you understand what the J-hop is and the many possibilities available.

Unfortunately, the thread on airsoft society has seemed to dwindle off a bit, and i haven't found much more testing done on this. If your going to take a stab at this mod, please share your results with everyone here so we can learn from each others mistakes and find a good solution. Once we find something that works, this will be a much easier method to making R/ER-hops or any type of hop for that matter.
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I am not sure what Necro means but I am using Oogoo to make a hop and it works very well.

I put a carbon rod wrapped in packing tape inside the barrel and then form the hop into the window. In order to get a nice outer to under your modded bucking put a piece of drinking straw over it to form the outside. I slit a piece of straw about an inch long.

Thanks guys.

Juggler, Basically that is what I do except I just use the straw to form the outside. When it is cured I remove the straw and go on my merry way.

As for the air bubbles, I had the same problem once upon a time when I first started making molds. The key is to stack thin layers and then when you have it built up enough press the straw down hard so some of the Oogoo oozes out around the straw. Once cured peel the straw and then trim off the flashing with some fine tipped scissors.

Is it possible to see some pictures of the whole process?, and some links of the parts needed would be appreciated by your r European friends...
I am doing one this evening for a buddy so I will shoot some pics.If you are out and about and want to grab the key items you will need: Silicone caulk(nothing fancy just plane !00% silicone caulk), corn starch, a rod or dowel that will fit into your barrel and a drinking straw.

1 - 3 of 48 Posts
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