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Reminds me of one game some time ago. We were 3 guys left at guarding a hill, ironicaly named "sniper hill". We were attacked by the whole other team of approx 15 guys, and we were overrun. My team mates were left dead in a bunker, and I was lying outside with my ghillie unoticed. This guy walked straight over me! :) Due to the MED of my rifle, I had drawn my borrowed side-arm (GBB m9) and went totaly kamikaze-last stand-ish. Shot one guy in front of me, rolled around to my back, shot the guy that had walked over me several times (Yeah overkill, i know... blaming the adrenaline) , and fired at random on the other guys all around. Needless to say i died, but the expressions on their face made my day
1 - 6 of 1740 Posts
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