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The little Things

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This thread is basically the opposite of the ''What Grinds Your Gears Thread''.

Post anything that made you smile, chuckled and/or pissed your pants you laughed so hard.

I just got home from eating a a Chinese buffet, were in the middle of eating the entire restaurant was RickRolled.
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mav3r1ck said:
hoggie said:
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I spot and my sniper does that. DONT HATE ON DA SPOTTER MANE ;)
Hahaha, I know there are good spotters out there
I just haven't had the luck to find one yet. Mine just constantly gets killed, or worse... gets me killed...
Having flash backs to a certain game where my spotter almost blew our team's objective. ::)
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Finally being able to find a Condor battle belt and H-harness, inside the Netherlands. They are also not that expensive :)
Two full days of airsoft scheduled for this weekend...
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ajgrega said:
Two full days of airsoft scheduled for this weekend...
That is not just a little thing...that is a great thing.
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When i get 100% compression on my cylinder head.
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When I put in a shorter barrel in my KJW and got its groups down from 5 [email protected] feet (650mm barrel) to <2 in @100 feet (495mm barrel)

Selling a shirt that Katy Perry threw into the crowd at a surprise concert at her old High School.
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I dont care about the shirt, but i do have a feeling you made a decent profit.

Finishing my term paper a week before it due, and getting an extra 10 points on it.
Harris style Bipod back in stock !:) and the money to order it. And a nice supressor :)
I love it when awesome threads, such as this one, get stickied. ;)
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Tested my ghillie, my spotter tried to find me, he stepped on me and still couldn't. WIN!
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When out in the field I am very aware of my surroundings; however, my spotter is the exact opposite, what a suprise
. As we are taking fire from an enamy tank,we begin running through the woods for retreat. there was a big branch bout chest height so I ducked uner it, but my spotter decides to run straight into it and get closelined
. I felt so bad for him, but I couldn't get myself to stop laughing, it was amazing.
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Realizing there is a whole summer ahead of you filled with slinging plastic.
Realizing that you are less than 10 days from one of the largest games in AK that will happen all year...60 people!
Realizing after drinking almost everyday for 17 days, and not exercising at all, that I'm meeting up for pararanger selection in just 2 months...
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Figuring out how to fix an Ver.3 AEG gearbox so my brother and I could make it to the largest game in michigan.

At the Op called Fueling The Fire...

I was shooting at a group of players with my sniper rifle and then the survivors hid and tried to flank me. They must have thought forcing me to use my sidearm was a good idea, but they didn't expect the full auto burst of my MP7. They must have been scared sh!tless. Took out about three of 'em and then slung my rifle and started blasting with my MP7.

Doulble tapping a guy in a ghillie with my KP45 tactical from about ten feet away. I snuck up on him while he was behind a fence shooting at my team with his sidearm. I was taking out snipers a lot that game.

It was a fun time!!!!

Most importantly going to airsoft games with my older brother.
When there's an earthquake in greece, and your girlfriend is there...

You can't reach them and think the worst.

You get a text saying call me.

You call her and find out she hasn't even noticed it!

I'm still shaken, I guess my mind hasn't registered I should be happy and relieved
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That sounds scary, man! Good everything went allright :)
Things become so much worse when people you love are in those kind of situations.
Yeah, I'm so glad she's allright.
It makes you feel so powerless.
Got my Camelbak bladder in the mail today, six liters of water on my next hiking trip.
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