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The little Things

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This thread is basically the opposite of the ''What Grinds Your Gears Thread''.

Post anything that made you smile, chuckled and/or pissed your pants you laughed so hard.

I just got home from eating a a Chinese buffet, were in the middle of eating the entire restaurant was RickRolled.
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Friend of mine was kissing his girlfriend, poor bastard started to choke on his gum, saved himself thought.

I have never honestly laughed harder, I had tears running down my cheeks.
metallicafatcat said:
Why is he kissing his girlfriend with gum in his mouth?
No idea. His girlfriend seemed pissed that I was laughing, but I honestly dont care xD

After practice today, I was told that because someone wouldn't be able to make a tourny this weekend, I can expect to get more playing time, pretty happy about that.

PS: Anyone in the Montpelier, Vermont area wanna see me play some local hockey teams this weekend? xD
Cheese Man said:
Not a christmas present. ;)

Just got finished making a little cup out of aluminum, going to work on a a piston next, and them some VSR hop arms.
I has dibs on one?
Cheese Man said:
I can do that.
What are you using to machine them?
Cheese Man said:
I will be using 6061 aluminum (what it cuts best), but if someone really wants, I *might* be able to get my hands on some steel. It'll drive the price up a bit, though.

Been practicing barrel window elongating for an ER-hop build, and it turned out perfectly! I am so giddy, I think my head just might explode.
I would be fine with aluminum. I meant as in what machines (mill, lathe, etc).

Having a white Christmas:D
Went to bed seeing grass last night, woke up with about 3 inches of snow:D
Unwrapping a Remington Model 700 ADL, in 308!:D

Start of a target rifle? I think so.
1. Danger Werx type B VSR hopup arm is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

2.Getting a like new KWA USP w/ mag for $100

3. Sniper Elite V2 Demo... Cannot wait for the full game, X-Ray kill cams are very cool. xD
Sorry for the double post..

Found a Safariland (Haven't identified it, picking it up later, but its got the ALS system) on a leg-rig with 4 mag pouches....

FOR $40!!!!
Seeing that Fuzzy made a post on my State forum (Maine) ;b
Well, I just sold my ffirst rifle that was upgraded to the teeth. I'll miss her, but its for the better.
Hip checking someone who has about 75 pounds on me and flipping him over in a hockey game. ^-^
Finally stopped getting friend-zoned. A small but significant victory. I knew being the nice guy in a sea of assholes would work eventually :p
Having only 3 1/2 days of school this week.

Getting home today, after a surprisingly decent day at school, and having to listen to people piss and moan about stupid crap, going in my room, cranking the Tool and going into a Give no F*cks mood.
that sounds more like a "gear grinder" than a "little thing" :p

Seeing the semi-finished result of my custom desert eagle case after a crappy day.
Usually it is. But I was surprised by how little I cared, so I chalked that up as a tiny victory.
Getting Facebook and Text Updates from friends and family on the east coast who still have cellphone/power. Hope you guys on the east coast are staying safe.
It's not bad at all in Maine. They called school off yesterday afternoon for most of the central, southern and eastern parts of the state but the weather is still pretty nice up here.

NY, NJ and states around that area were hit wicked hard though. Pretty sure Maryland got like 2 feet of snow.
Rottweiler is the best kind of dog I've met yet. :)
I want one. They can be good guard dogs like pit bulls, but the rap they have isn't nearly as bad. I think they look way cooler too.

I finally got put on some meds for a cold, and after two days I'm feeling way better. Hopefully I'll get to play next weekend.
Props! I remembered the first time I tore into a BAR10... that began a long, expensive journey :p

Went for not playing at all the starting in Varsity hockey. Yay me. Sure is getting me in shape.
the crisp, sharp, crack of a brand new polarstar out of my M16A4 DMR :) so addicting...

related and off topic note, how many rounds do i need to blast through a regulator to break it in?
Eh, no clue, but I'd say 1k would work.

Of you can hook the rig up to a compressor (just set the reg on the compressor to 120ish) and piss air through it 10x as fast. It'll probably take longer to break in because the output on HPA bottles is usually in the 600-800 PSI range, but you wont have to pay for the air and you can set it up and forget it.
Yea, it should be broke in by 2k rounds I would think.

Started my first varsity hockey game list night. We lost, but holy sh*it it was exciting.
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