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The little Things

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This thread is basically the opposite of the ''What Grinds Your Gears Thread''.

Post anything that made you smile, chuckled and/or pissed your pants you laughed so hard.

I just got home from eating a a Chinese buffet, were in the middle of eating the entire restaurant was RickRolled.
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Got a spot in my school's precision machining program, so I'll be able to learn the trade. Very excited about this.
About to get off work and ride my dirt bike. Can I have that 25 for gas rubiks? Lol
Damn, those feels. I used to race (65s then85s, usually in the C class) and I loved nothing more then getting out of school, tossing the bike and gear in the back of the truck and driving over to a buddies house to do some 15mins plus two laps. DAMN those were brutal.
Yeah, riding in general is awesome. I've putted around on 125s, they are wicked fun. Four strokes are way to heavy for my liking, but the torque is insane.
41 - 43 of 1740 Posts
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