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The little Things

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This thread is basically the opposite of the ''What Grinds Your Gears Thread''.

Post anything that made you smile, chuckled and/or pissed your pants you laughed so hard.

I just got home from eating a a Chinese buffet, were in the middle of eating the entire restaurant was RickRolled.
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In related news, Booster received payment for the Crimebuster yesterday, so it should be waiting when I get back from Sweden in two weeks.

And I fixed my dad's VSR... Heck yes.
Dude, I will be getting the exact same rig from wolv, and I was looking at the same tank... Weird...

Maybe once I get mine worked on by myself, and maybe booster. ;). I'll take that with my stock Tanaka though...
I'll take you on with my upgraded Tanaka (once I have some parts machined)
Buyer backed out at the last second... I don't have the time to fix it, so if it doesn't sell as is before I go to school, I'm just going to have someone machine some bolt parts for it.
What's that? the Crimebuster and the Minimi? I have a Crimebuster and MGC G18
Yeah, I'm not sure what year my Tanaka was manufactured.
I finally got my dad's VSR sighted in... Now to adjust the hop-up!
Adopting a stray cat and befreinding it within 10 minutes. :). Her name is Julie. Also, fixing my dad's 60 Y/O gun. Got it working for the first time in around a decade. (its a JC Higgins Model 29)
Studying my bottom side off for three AP tests... and getting 5s on all three
! Although I'm taking 5 APs next year... hello books, goodbye social life

Then there's taking an otherwise stock JG, putting in a cheap Madbull barrel and a hop-up bucking, and spending a couple hours tuning the gearbox and hop-up. Then people with their expensive Masadas and KWAs and VFCs and stuff poke fun at me for having a lesser gun... only to have this modest-looking JG completely out-gun them. Seriously, those guns have great parts if you're willing to change up some hop-up and barrel stuff and give it a little TLC.

That feeling you get when you've spent forever building, tuning, testing, re-building, re-tuning, re-testing, ect your gun. And finally, it all is working exactly as you want it. Your hard work finally paid off. Great feeling.
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dhm078 said:
Studying my bottom side off for three AP tests... and getting 5s on all three
! Although I'm taking 5 APs next year... hello books, goodbye social life
I took an AP test once..
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Finally getting your damn APS styled hop up unit in to the barrel straight without breaking any of the external O-rings and with a large full barrel spacer.
4 things that happened today:

1. I hit a sprinter!

2. I had a guy in my sights about 40m away but through plenty of folliage and between two trees less than a foot apart. I took a shot, and heard the sweet sound of "ouch...... good shot mate!"

3. A guy came up to me in the safe zone who had hit me and said "I shot 5 bushes before I finally got you.....and then it was only cause you stood up I realised I'd hit the right one!"

4. I made a pistol charge (the rest of the team for some reason wouldnt push up or move past me) and killed 3 people without getting hit!

Just.. brings a smile to my face xD
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Mgunner said:

Just.. brings a smile to my face xD
I really don't like that kind of music yet I am going to a showtek concert in Belfast with a few friends lol.
Not quite a little thing, but my Crimebuster arrived today from Booster. Should be putting .3's out to 350' with ease.
Nice! That would be awesome. SCS or LRB?

When your armoury looks like mine. ;)
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