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The little Things

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This thread is basically the opposite of the ''What Grinds Your Gears Thread''.

Post anything that made you smile, chuckled and/or pissed your pants you laughed so hard.

I just got home from eating a a Chinese buffet, were in the middle of eating the entire restaurant was RickRolled.
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Cheese Man said:
Nice! That would be awesome. SCS or LRB?

When your armoury looks like mine. ;)
Booster tuned LRB. Pushing .2's at 400 (translates to .3's at 350 and 300'+ on Bioval .3's) with 55 PSI input. Darned efficient if you ask me. Hoping the optimal FPS for .4's is slightly faster.

I like my armory a ton man:

Booster tuned Crimebuster
Tricked out VSR (technically my dads, but w/e)
Tanaka (soon to have CNC bolt parts)
MGC G18 (just for fun)
It's the V-match, M16-A2, tubular match hanguard, flattop receiver, full stock.
Well I am gonna push it back on topic. Today when someone trolls me and now decides to give me 8.3 million karma.

Hmmm..... can't wait for my clackity clack rifle
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Oh hey woogie did you see the new WE AK74. It looks like it has alot of recoil compared to other gbbr.
Holding a building at the edge of a treeline, overlooking a roadway, with my spotter.
Telling said spotter to watch the treeline on his side, because I thought I saw movement.
Then watching my spotter get shot in the face, and having the three guys who were advancing on us, get up, turn their backs towards me, and walk away thinking he was the only one in the building. 3 quick taps of the trigger on my DMR (Modded CYMA M14 Socom), 3 quick kills in time with the chorus of my spotters laughter as he walked away to the respawn, and then holding the position until he worked his way back to me (with a HUGE welt on the end of his nose where he took the hit), and us proceeding to hold the position, and therefore the roadway, until the end of the game.
When you are wearing a ghille suit and people are like "Man! Where did you buy that!?!"
And I'm like " I made it

Oh and when you are on a mound and you are like, " ughh this is a terrible spot, why did I go to a place which I knew was bad" You then go to have three enemeis walk right past you looking straight towards you 10ft away and don't notice you. You then go on to shoot two of these people and the last guy turns all around frantically looking for the guy and gets hit. They then go on to walk past me a second time.....these were experienced players.

Just goes to show how effective a quiet gun ( 65<\=decibels>\=72) and a ghillie suit can be.
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Putting a bunch of things on craigslist.

Getting an offer.

Getting flagged.

Relisting the ad.

Getting 4 offers.

Making a sale :)
One of my buddies and I went to a field for a first time and we knew only what we saw in the field walk prior to the game. It was a heavily forested area with some steep drop-offs. My buddy was attempting to push up on a sniper in a boltie/pistols only game and decided to rush to the sniper's side (was he advancing on you woogie?). While running he got shot by woogie, but it was just as he dove over a tree branch....right into a six or so foot drop-off. Luckily he came out unscathed. LOL
At a local open play with some friends. See someone in a store bought ghillie/stalk suite(the chewbacka kind), started to chuckle. Kid pulls a M107 out of his trunk, atop the m17 is an EoTech 552 replica. Open lawlz were had.

Team moves through open field, spot ghillie kid 200M out because his ghillie was a southern/darker ghillie, contrasted with the super green grass. not only that but he was P-Dogging like a mofo. Again lawlz were had as we called out to him, recommending he move.

At the Ground Zero Weekender (largest event on the British airsoft calender 1500+ players) me and my friend ended up in a dead zone, smack bang in the middle of enemy territory (and not just one teams either there were two fighting over the land).

Rather than walking back to our lines with our hands in the air we opted to sneak our way through and cause disruption behind their lines. Which we did.

We got back to friendly lines, disrupted an assault on one of our positions from the rear and scared the life out of a couple of snipers in ghilles.

Made my weekend
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Oh nice! I think *that* is what everybody wants airsoft sniping to be, it's what all the noobs think it will be like. Congrats- you just won everything. xD
When I shoot someone and when I'm in the dead zone they go "Holy s**t his guns bright green. Never fails to make me laugh.
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Another one from today; standing in one position, defending a building, for that long that I got to smoke an entire cigar (and then some) whilst racking up kills!
Shooting a 96 in offhand as a second-year shooter.

Competitive air rifles, .177 cal Anschutz
That beautiful moment when you see a ghillie sniper, walk up behind him,mand sit on his back. He turns around and freaks that a guy with a kwa 226 is sitting there chilling. Mad my weekend
We had a game last weekend. I started with a M60VN and when I got to the first path near the objective, I was sniped by woogie, I heard not a sound, but due to the direction of the hit and the layout of a field I guessed he had to be on a hill across the road. After running back from spawn I proceeded directly to his location, which may have been a mistake, but he was too close to me to fire. We had no specified MED, so it was courteous of him to hold fire, which I appreciate, and instead he chose to laylow. I spotted his face and opened fire, when he ducked I fired some more rounds and charged up the hill. He looked up and from 10 feet saw the barrel of my gun aimed at him.
My only kill on him the whole day, if I remember correctly.

I should note, between him and myself, for that game, my K/D was roughly 1/5.
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When you find out that your wife is having a little BOY!!!!

Woogie is going to have a spotter now guys!!!
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