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The new ghillie

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Made a new crawlsuit a couple of days ago :)

Comparison to my old one:


Ghillie, not broken in, and without any veg:


In the field:

2Bravo, another friend of mine, and me:

Quite a trio, we held back 5, and later 9 enemies with several medics for about 1 1/2 hour while the rest of our team MEDEVAC'ed our "fallen soldiers behind enemy lines". Our arsenal consisted of a 350 fps G&G m4 with scope, my VSR-10 and 2Bravo's VSR.


Here's a pic of the back. Wish I took one at the beginning of the day too, 'cause on this one, a lot of the veg had been rippped of.

I'll put up this pic og 2Bravo too! :)
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I love the hat, and the gun, looks great. Ghillie seems dark but it could be the photo
Veg! Veg! Veg! Veg! Veg! Veg! Veg! Veg! Veg! Veg! Veg! Veg! Veg! Veg! Veg! Veg!
Really nice man, looks great. I am almost done with mine too, all I need is to finish my pants.
The team picture looks really cool. Love the look of the rifle camo!
The entire back was entirely covered in veg, Cheese man! This was at the end of the day with a lot of rapid moving and such, so some of the veg had fallen of:) It is kinda dark, but it fits very good in with the darker areas, and when applying light vegetation it is gold!

Try sewing veg to the ghillie and letting it rot. The smell will mask yours, and you can't be smelled and detected.
Hey! How bad do you think i smell?? XD Smell is never a problem unless you have dogs do deal with ;)
Looks very nice. I personally like the first ghillie better simply because it is lighter. However, judging from the pics, the ghillie blends very well in the environment.

I like how you and Bravo both carry the same rifle. Allows for the ability to exchange/share mags if necessary. Does your team carry the same sidearm?

Also, love how parts of the ghillie on Bravo's have some open space on the netting. Allows for easy access to attach veg.

Nice pics, always happy to have more though. ;)
We're not carrying the same side-arm. Next time we hopefully don't have to run around loosing all the veg using our guerilla tactics :) The next game is actully next monday, with an estimated number of 40+ people attending. Gonna be sniper heaven! I'll take some pics in the field too if I can ;)
2Echo. are you comming this year to the berget?
Wish i could:/ you are going?
Yeah, third time for me. It would have been awesome to see your ghillie IRL :).
I think it would have been awesome to meet another serious sniper from the boards! We could've played together :)

But, I'll probably have a good time training for the real military with some guys i know instead that weekend :)
Slight Necro, but HOW did you make that rifle wrap, im jealous.
It's simple. Just wrap the barrel and front of the rifle and scope in jute fabric. Then you poke holes for the scope knobs and attach a lot of rubber bands everywhere to keep everything in place. Next, put vegetation under the rubber bands, and then put moss on top of that again. The rubber bands will sink into the moss and you wont see them. I can make a tutorial some day if it sounds interesting?
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