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Hey guys, I'm just getting into airsoft sniping and think its pretty damn fun. So far I've only used my friends snipers to decide whether it was right for me and after 3 games I made the decision to commit to it and buy my own rifle. I ordered the UTG L96 (OD Green of course ;) from ASGI and am just going crazy waiting for it!

Don't have an awful amount of experience with sniping itself but do have a few years of airsoft experience in general, and I always found myself in situations wishing I had a sniper...

The camo I'm rocking right now is... nothing really, I have an OD Green military jacket and a ski-mask I used for my face cause I was the designated terrorist since I speak two languages (english/bosnian) and bosnian sounds kinda terroristy to Americans :)

My hobbies outside of airsoft are playing guitar in my band and thinking about airsoft XD

I live in Vermont U.S.A. and I'm 16, usually play smaller sized woodland games with my friends but am starting to really get into going to legit airsoft fields, only problem is money... i have none after buying my L96 haha.

Callsign: Never used em, but my choice for one would be Torch, cause I light up my enemies haha
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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