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Well I decided to get around to posting some pics of my gun! I'll have some more in game shoots with the gear. I'm running a BSA sweet 17 3-12x40 scope, a harris bipod, a butler creek sling with talon sling mounts, and a hunters green paint job. I went with the idea of attaching my mag carriers on the sling, might take them off, just seeing how I like it. Table Furniture Wood Chair Air gun
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Nice gun it looks pretty awesome!! I envy your mega rail!!! ;)
Yeah man the rail looks pretty dope! I'd go for low scope mounts though.

Yeah it looks great, but I don't like the high profile rings. ;)
The long rail is cool, but it's heavy compared to the short rail! Yeah the scope is a bit high, I liked the low profile rail riser because it makes it easier to take the scope off and adjust during maintenance. I might take it off and just use the scope rings. I like being able to use the see through rings.
Looks nice! I have one of these and really like it. It's a great shooter.
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Here are all my guns. I got my old M4 back from my friend while he's in college, and the AK 74U along with the other WG 1911.
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And here is my newest addition to the team!!

I got my first "kill" with it yesterday! I love the feeling of getting your first "kill" with a new gun!! And even more so sniping! The dude never saw it coming! Aimed for center mass, and hit center mass.
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Nice. I always got to appreciate a l96. I want a boneyard one. What kind of range did you hit @?

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