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The PWD MR-30

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This is my review of the PWD MR-30 airsoft rifle including pictures and a step by step break down. Enjoy:

To start, here is the rifle its self. It has a one of a kind look and is constructed by CNC machined aluminum for the body and CNC machined steal and other metals for its internals. In all honesty this is the sturdiest rifle out there. There has never been such an impressive combination of build quality and performance. When I bought it, I was told it was chronoing at 520fps w/ .20s; turns out it was pushing 630fps w/ .20s and that is after the sp210 spring inside had been cut down. This gun has awesome power but yet its trigger unit still allows a short, crisp trigger pull. Featuring a heavy full metal piston, one might think this beast would tear itself apart; however, because of the fantastic craftsmanship and material used in the vital parts, this is not close to reality. With great consistency, a nice barrel, and a tweaked hop up, the MR-30 is reaching out with awesome precision and has the looks to kill already.

I really don't know how to describe the quality of the MR-30; words just don't do it justice.

Now here is the breakdown guide:

First step will be to remove your scope by unscrewing your scope rings(yellow arrow)

Secondly, take out the screws attaching the upper receiver mount piece(circled in blue) The scope rail can be removed by two screws(circled in red)

Now you will have the rifle in three pieces: The body(yellow I), the upper(yellow II), and the receiver/barrel/trigger grouping(yellow III). Remove two screws(in blue) to detach the trigger unit from the receiver. [Note the screw attaching holding the hopup unit in place, I'll come back to that]

To take apart the trigger box, unscrew five screws to take off the left panel(circled in blue). Unscrew the screw in front and in back to take the entire unit off of the receiver(circled in red).

Once this is done, you now can admire/'dick around with' your steel composed trigger set. Trigger return spring(outlinded dashed yellow) Long sear reset spring(outlined dashed green) The pins(teal dots), The shims(blue dashes), and the trigger pull adjustment screw(outlined in red)

To take the bolt handle off, simply remove the screw pins from both sides of the cap(circled in red) and everything slides off revealing the 'barrings'(circled in blue), the barring springs(blue arrow points), and the hole that the cap pins screw through(also circled in red)

With the cylinder in hand, simply unscrew the cylinder head to separate all its parts out. Spring guide w/ ball barrings(blue arrow), 90 degree piston end(red arrow), only plastic internal part[very dense plastic though] are two rings that the O-ring sits between(in yellow section). A major plus to this rifle is its large diameter cylinder which allows a much larger amount of potential energy to be stored when the rifle is cocked because of the larger volume of air yet use a weaker spring( diameter marked in black)

Now back to the hop up... Remove the screw on the bottom of the barrel just forward of the mag input cut out; the inner barrel/hopup unit slides out the receiver. Until I could order a high quality barrel and bucking, I had a madbull 6.03 and bucking. Two loosened screws detaches the hopup unit(red arrows), I had two barrel spaces on(outlined green)

Located on the top of the unit is the arm and slot for nub. I have a shimmed arm(shims marked green) Rod that the arm pivots on(dotted red line)

After taking off the hopup unit, you can work with the bucking; I used some strong thread, now using unwaxed floss, to tie down the bucking for the greatest air seal possible(red arrow). Hopup unit-inner barrel stabilizer(blue arrow). I have also shaved down the ridge on the inside of the bucking; obviously some tried and tested tweaks from the DMR Holy Grail.

The breakdown is complete :)

Here is a little secret to my rifle success:

Thats right, PWNED! Eat that shredders nub and VSR unit!!!
I have a custom hop up I made in there; greatest performance I've seen out of a hop up unit, details classified.

In the end, all of this just boils down to another hunk of metal fashion in the image of real rifle and build to shoot plastic bbs at the OPFOR but I must say, this is a really unique rifle; not only is it rare with ~100 made but it really shows its strength on the field. I couldn't ask for a better rifle :)
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Did you get Wonkos rifle????

If so I hate you....
But great rifle, and I have always admired them.

Though looking at it, it does look like the main rifle itself is a make of the CA M24.

Can you take some pics of the stock itself? I am kind of currious as to were the mag goes into the rifle itself.

Am also thinking that the same stock, but using a Tanaka rifle for the power plant. Then would have the sexy mag sticking out the bottom.
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Haha, yep, that's Wonko's old rifle with some of my tweaks

I will grab some of the stock in a little bit, sorry if this bursts your bubble a bit woogie but look at the second picture I have up and look just in front of the receiver area right where the free float barrel begins; you can see a gap in the stock, that is where the magazine goes in :-/ Also, if you check out the first picture, you can see two large screws directly beneath the bolt; the back end of the stock is placed in between the two long segments that extend out to the bipod on either side. That section under the receiver is completely filled in with metal so it would be impossible to hook up a tanaka :'( .... Otherwise I myself would have the same gas rifle kit to put onto the stock ;)

When I was talking to Wonko previous to buying the rifle, he said it was in fact not a CA M24 nor an APS2; a completely new system altogether. The cylinder must be different from the CA M24 at least simply due to the fact that it was getting 630+ on a cut down sp210. Also, every part is made of different materials. The hopup that came in the gun does however greatly resemble the APS2/M24 unit, but probably is of better quality.
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Yeah I hear ya.... I was saving up to get the rifle as well.

So may need to make my own ;)
Woogie if you can successfully make your own (similar) stock to the MR-30's that could take a Tanaka receiver.... I would have to kill you and steal it... or just buy one from you.
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LOL.... or trade me that one ;)

I am looking at getting a lathe here after taxes are in. Already have the plans done and ready to go. Just need the tools and funds to do it
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Hmm... I am pretty set on keepin the MR around a good while(leans over and kisses his rifle :-* ), it would definitely cost you a pretty penny! ;)

You say you are getting some metal working equipment.... I have a couple projects and designs I would like to see happen and become reality; we should partner up and build a 100% new airsoft rifle

(seriously though, PM/email me about that if you like the idea)
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I already have some tools and machines.... I am just wishing that I didn't sell my JET lathe that I had. But come tax time I am getting another lathe.

As long as you have some drawings and what not, should be able to give them a whirl for ya.
Anyone have one of these for sale or even parts?
Also does anyone know why whoever it was stopped making them? Seems strange as they were so beautiful, the could have sold a lot.
Also is there a link to the original website they were being sold from?

does anyone know what kind of magazine can we use in here?
Thanks george, trying to buy maruzen aps2 mags but no one sells it even on most airsoft online store. always out of stock. >.<
I may have a couple .. I'll check tomorrow

Thank you @Wolfgeorge im planning to but 2-3 pieces if possible. Im thinking to change the cylinder as well as the piston but i cant find any cylinder that matches the one on this rifle. Would you recommend some rifle that uses the same internals as this? mod24 cylinder is smaller than mr-30.
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