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The range I'll get on my VSR-10?

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So I just recently bought a WELL VSR-10 Based Sniper and I'm looking to upgrade the entire sniper.
The parts I'll upgrade are

1- Springer Custom Works v9.2 Trigger
2- Action Army 90 degrees Piston
3- LayLax 190SP spring
4- Maple Leaf Deception 70 degree hop up
5- Action Army Hop Up Chamber
6- LayLax Spring Guide
7- Action Army Teflon Cylinder

What would be my maximum range or the max range with good accuracy?
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Does this mean I also will have to get a new receiver or is there a chance that the WELL receiver might work? Maybe sand the inside of the receiver down a bit?
I have a well Mb03 with a AA Teflon cylinder. No real fitment issues (no sanding and such. The biggest mod to get it to work was drilling out the stock bolt handle to get it to fit. I did do this mod to smooth bolt pull and take out cylinder to receiver play
It works great. The AA hop-up chamber fits decent too. I did add like 0.005" shim in there as well to take out the clearance and make the hopup chamber a tight fit in the barrel.

Maybe I just got lucky but I have not had any real problems with my Mb03 and action army parts. Now an "TM-spec" piston will not fit in the stock well cylinder which I sure you already know and why you want the AA cylinder (which is the reason I got mine).

Just curious to what you reason is for suggesting a AA outer barrel Silicon?
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Is that something I have to do or is it optional as i am not that good when it comes to drilling out stuff. Will the cylinder work without any additional modding?
It is a must, the stock Well bolt handle hole is shy like 1/16" (just guessing on my memory could be more or less) and will not go on the AA cylinder. Wasn't too hard though with a good sharp bit, drill, vise, and some coolant (wd40 or the likes would suffice). You could buy a AA handle like Silicon said but they are kinda pricy.
I suggested the AA outer barrel as a friend of mine got an MB-03 where the outer barrel was smaller than an AA chamber, and he had to buy a different outer barrel.

He's in bulgaria I think, so maybe it was from a really old batch or something.
Gotcha, was just curious.
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