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The range I'll get on my VSR-10?

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So I just recently bought a WELL VSR-10 Based Sniper and I'm looking to upgrade the entire sniper.
The parts I'll upgrade are

1- Springer Custom Works v9.2 Trigger
2- Action Army 90 degrees Piston
3- LayLax 190SP spring
4- Maple Leaf Deception 70 degree hop up
5- Action Army Hop Up Chamber
6- LayLax Spring Guide
7- Action Army Teflon Cylinder

What would be my maximum range or the max range with good accuracy?
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I'd expect about 275-300 feet of effective range, and 350 feet of range where it takes a magazine to hit someone.

I would suggest a MASADA arm and an Action Army outer barrel and receiver, the WELL won't really be compatible with the cylinder you want, and other issues will probably be around like not being able to fit the chamber.

Also, use the heaviest BBs you can get, probably BLS .48g or .50g.
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I suggested the AA outer barrel as a friend of mine got an MB-03 where the outer barrel was smaller than an AA chamber, and he had to buy a different outer barrel.

He's in bulgaria I think, so maybe it was from a really old batch or something.
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Is that something I have to do or is it optional as i am not that good when it comes to drilling out stuff. Will the cylinder work without any additional modding?
Its easy, just widen the big hole until it fits your new cylinder.
Alternatively, you could spend $30-$45 on an AA bolt handle.....

For the cylinder, it'll be fine.
Just use some #400 or #600 grit sandpaper to knock down any burrs on the slot, and clean the whole thing.
That's just for longevity and feel though, doesn't really affect the performance in any way.
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