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The range I'll get on my VSR-10?

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So I just recently bought a WELL VSR-10 Based Sniper and I'm looking to upgrade the entire sniper.
The parts I'll upgrade are

1- Springer Custom Works v9.2 Trigger
2- Action Army 90 degrees Piston
3- LayLax 190SP spring
4- Maple Leaf Deception 70 degree hop up
5- Action Army Hop Up Chamber
6- LayLax Spring Guide
7- Action Army Teflon Cylinder

What would be my maximum range or the max range with good accuracy?
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The physics of bolt action sniper rifle pretty much limits your effective range to about 80 meters. Trying to hit anyone beyond that would require so many shots as siliconesword said that it won’t be worth it. At that point invest in a taggin round.
Last month I managed to buy every Laylax VSR spring in an attempt to find the “best” spring for my field (I wanted a ~2.8 joule rifle). I was unable to install the Laylax 190SP spring because my seer couldn’t engage it based on how strong it was. While my situation was slightly different because of the type of system I was using (MLC 338 with a quick change bolt), I could see other issues cropping up.

If the action army cylinder threads aren’t perfect…it could blow the cylinder head off
Additionally, racking a laylax 190SP spring could get tiresome over the long term
Finally, it would likely have you go well over 4 joules (for me based on the trends, I would have been over 5 Joules). I don’t know where you’re playing, but double check that’s ok, no field state side would ever let you use a 4 Joule rifle.
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