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Here is my thoughts of some of the essential things need to successfully become a sniper in airsoft. Mind you opinions are always different. Constructive criticism would be nice, thanks.

Your Rifle, a necessary piece of equipment that allows you to engage targets effectively. Picking a rifle that fits your preferences and needs is crucial when your finding a gun for you.
Your 3 choices are:

-Spring powered
-Gas powered
-Electrically powered

I'm not going to go into detail as there is a lot about these guns in this forum already

Sidearms, pick a side arm that is light enough for you, carries enough ammO for your preference and is easy to draw. Gas and electric pistols are a classic choice and there is a reason for that. Sub machine guns are nice but running one of these in your kit will probably have you rely on it more than your tactics so I dot not use one of these.


Optics, Bipods and Silencers can all enhance your play but aren't absolutely necessary, it is good to have these at your exposure if you need them though.

Tactical gear such as battle belts and vest will be needed to carry you equipment you bring with you. I prefer a battle belt but I used to use an LBV, what ever you like/need more is up to you. Justake sure it is black you spray paint it to make your BDU's.

Face protection, you need to have at least eye protection at all times. Use goggles or glasses' Mesh works great at day time but somefirlds will not allow it so gt that checked before you bring them. Most players use face protection such as balaclavas, face veils and even paintball masks.(I don't advise these) while others use face paint, I don't as I get really bad acne even after I clean it off and take a shower. It offers some advantages though you can create your own pattern to match your environment better and it is less hot than a face veil. But it gives you more exposure.

Water, bring a camelpack. They areuch easier to use than bringing a bottle of water or a canteen.

Ghillie suits, wether it be a full body suit, poncho, blanket or just a head piece this is a crucial piece of gear for your kit. As it allows you to break up your shape more effectively than you could without it. To make one use a guide on these forums that people have been ever so kind to make. To blend even more effectively you can add loops of elastic to it and put in foliage and vegetation.

Communication, a sniper without communication is not goin to get nearly as much done as one with it. To radio in the location of an enemy squad, coordinate and attack or use to regroup these are all good reasons to carry a radio or walkie talkie with you at all times.

Binoculars, these help you be being able to observe an area but creates less of profile then your rifle and can help eye strain if you have been looki through your scope for an extended period of time.

Other necessary gear consists of; a nice matte pair of boots, gloves that are not black, a multi tool for cutting veg and adding to your Ghillie and rifle, extra magazines for your primary and secondary and if your can get one a smoke grenade.


many people think hat the only goal of a sniper is to eliminate other players. Wrong. A sniper should focus on survalliance just as much as shooting. As it can assist your team in many ways. But when you do have to shoot you will need to know WHO to shoot.

1. Enemy Snipers and counter snipers
2. Heavy Weapons (Grenadiers, Gunners, launcher, etc.)
3. V.I.P.s
4. Infantry

This order should be followed as best as you can but there will be times when you don't follow it.


The secret to remaining undected is experience, patience and smarts. With the combination of these three things you will DEFINETLY be a force to be reckoned with.

The 5 S's

Shape- your will need to break up your shape because the human eye can detect it rather well. This includes your rifle and your gear. A Ghillie suit is most commonly used to remedy this problem.

Shine- He objective lens of a scope glares a lot if hit directly by light so put netting or electrical tape over most of it. Other shiny metals such as the bolt of a spring rifle should be covered.

Shadow- Everything casts a shadow, make sure your hide is not casting a obvious shadow that someone could see when looking for you or scanning that area.

Silhouette- Don't go in front of objects that wil projet your location, such as walk by a wall, creep through and orchard or lay on flat ground with no cover. It is common sense and you will easily be spotted.

Sound- Sound is something that can take a awhile to master. How to walk, breath and cock your weapon quietly will all be necessary tO be silent. Look out for leaves, twigs and branches when you walk. If you do step on them be sure to stop and look around before you keep moving.


Moving through an area can be difficult some times if enemies are nearby. I'm going to try to eai. To you some commonly used types of movement to get you through these areas.

Stalker walk(as I like to call it)- bend your knees slightly and try to walk as quietly and low profile as you can. Use this when you know there are no enemies nearby.

High crawl- Get on your hands and knees and begin to slowly crawl, either holding or dragging your rifle behind you. Use this if you may think there are enemies nearby.

Low crawl- Lay down and crawl forward using your elbows and thighs. Carry your rifle I. Both of your elbows. Use this if enemies are nearby but are not too close.

Skull drag- Lay down, tuck your arm into your body and drag yourself with your hands. Drag your rifle by your foot. Use if enemies are within roughly 50-100 feet.


As a sniper your going to need to learn how to enter an area undetected. When entering an area look for

- Sentries
- Snipers
- Various traps such as alarms and "explosives"
- Patrols

If you see any of these proceed to either go another way or take them out. If the opposing force is too large you can radio in to get assistance from your team. If they are in available you should try to sneak past.


One thingany people forget is once you get in and take a target down or radio in the location of an important object. You must get out of there too. Always have strategy planned to leave the area. Make a plan B and if necessary a plan C. Just remember if your are detected and you are alone you will either need to sit tight and hope your hide is good enough or escape.

I hope this helps some of your newer guys out their as the more experienced guys probably know all of this stuff already. Please tell me if I need to fix anything at all.
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