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Well, been working on this project for a long while now, and it's done. (Pretty much ;) ) Maybe adding some paint?

This thing is dead quiet and is shooting straight. Won't reach out as far as my M40 will, but it'll get out to 190-200 ft easily.

Currently, It's shooting 265 +/- 3 fps with Washed KSC .30's.


-Firefly Hop Up Bucking for VSR-10 (soft)
-PDI 120 VSR-10 Spring
-PDI G-SPEC Barrel Spacers
-PDI VSR-10 BaRiKaRu-Compo Piston VC
-PDI VSR-10 Spring Guide for Vacuum Piston
-PDI VSR-10 V-Trigger with Piston End
-PDI RAVEN VSR-10 Cylinder
-PDI RAVEN VSR-10 cylinder head
-Shimmed hop-up


-G&P M1-s Mil dot scope
_4/32 Acog W/ Doctor sight & RS sunshade
-RS Rock mount bipod
Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Scope Mount Base

Think I need to Get either a PDI 140% spring or 200% spring in the near future and possibly adding some paint. (It's all black right now still... Must.. Resist... URGE!)

Let me know what you think.


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If you paint that I would cry. It look so hot! Just use a rag if you need it for a field game. If playing in an urban environment though, it will work great. ;)

I love how you are using lighter springs for some of these builds. The fact that you still can reach out to 200 feet just goes to show you how FPS is just one slice of this very delicious pie.

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Thanks guys.

And fuzzy, Yeah, the light springs are pretty nice, But i'm going to need to get a little bigger spring, it just isnt slinging them as far as I'd like to. Needs more OOMPH!
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