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The Silent VSR

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Well, been working on this project for a long while now, and it's done. (Pretty much ;) ) Maybe adding some paint?

This thing is dead quiet and is shooting straight. Won't reach out as far as my M40 will, but it'll get out to 190-200 ft easily.

Currently, It's shooting 265 +/- 3 fps with Washed KSC .30's.


-Firefly Hop Up Bucking for VSR-10 (soft)
-PDI 120 VSR-10 Spring
-PDI G-SPEC Barrel Spacers
-PDI VSR-10 BaRiKaRu-Compo Piston VC
-PDI VSR-10 Spring Guide for Vacuum Piston
-PDI VSR-10 V-Trigger with Piston End
-PDI RAVEN VSR-10 Cylinder
-PDI RAVEN VSR-10 cylinder head
-Shimmed hop-up


-G&P M1-s Mil dot scope
_4/32 Acog W/ Doctor sight & RS sunshade
-RS Rock mount bipod
Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Scope Mount Base

Think I need to Get either a PDI 140% spring or 200% spring in the near future and possibly adding some paint. (It's all black right now still... Must.. Resist... URGE!)

Let me know what you think.

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That's amazing man. I'll definitely be over in a few days to
check it out.
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