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The "Stubby"

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Hey guys ... well I hope that the name caught your attention ;)

I took my UTG324 , the first rifle that I bought in air soft. And cut down the barrel and did some testing. Found out that cutting the barrel down didn't really hurt the accuracy all that much.

So I got curious as to what would happen if I were able to get another barrel inside. So I grabbed my BAR-10 barrel and ground down and made to fit inside of the UTG hop up chamber.

Did some testing on how well it would shoot with the different barrel, and to make sure that I could line up the hop up cut on the barrel for the hop up. All was good so I chopped down the barrel to just inside of the barrel extension.

While shooting in my basement, around 30-35 feet. I was getting much MUCH better groupings with the new barrel inside. Granted it isn't all that far, but being as I will be using this for CQB doesn't need to really need to be shooting 150 ft.

Here it is next to my BAR-10 for a size comparison.

Let me know what you guys think... I am still looking for a TK twist barrel for possibility even more accuracy.
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I think its great for CQB , for those times at when you see an elbow or a hand sticking out , i want to know how well does it perform in a cqb skirmish , please tell after you skirmish with it.
Its sooo cute lol. I like the concept but I wonder how effective it will be against people who can just walk there bb's in on you. I'm excited to find out. Also, why the fore grip?
Hello Woogie,
Well, may be it is just me, but for CQB I would prefer MP5 or M4 or Shotgun than shortened bolt action rifle. Silencer on M324 makes it look like a tear gas or smoke grenade rifle that police used in 60-80s.
Yeah yeah yeah ... I know it looks a little funky. But it really does work.

While down in my basement I was able to shoot the scrap inner barrel parts every time. Granted it is only 30 feet, but still I was impressd. The fore grip is instead of a bi-pod.

I agree with you Global, but where I play at there is a ton of cover even in our CQB area. We play in an abandoned school. All of the desks and stuff are still there and usable.

And yeah as soon as i get a game under its belt I will post up an AAR. And I do have my shotty for the quick stuff. ;)
I got one of those

Here it is next to my mates M4

Built it last year for CQB as I upgraded my G-Spec to woodland power so needed a replacement.

Specs :

CA M24, Shortened inner and outer barrel, shortened fore stock, stack of upgrade parts that came with the rifle when i bought it ;)
It was originaly 328fps (CQB limit here) but I sold it 2 weeks ago to my mate who requested it do 500fps for use in woodland ??? what it is like at that power I don't know but he keeps telling me its lovely and accurate :-/ but being told this from someone more used to shooting an AEG on full auto a pig with a musket is accurate ;)
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