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Here's the pics. Adapter is JB welded to the short type mag. Hole drilled in the bb tube. Put the MP5 mag into the adapter and the adapter releases the bb's from the mp5 mag, double stacking into the m700 mag. When mag is empty the BB's don't push up anymore so bolt gets blocked (like it would if you were normally hitting the follower.

The plan is to cut that long macroline shorter, get an Amped Airsoft gripline and hot-glue the macroline fitting into that grip hole. Will make it semi-permanent and structurally sound, also fixing the problem of flex tubing getting cut up and leaky during gameplay.

Best part is friction holds the 11 bb's in the M700 mag so when you pull the MP5 mag from the adapter only 1 bb falls out, not all 11.

I am intrigued and wanting the details on the gag conversion please and thank u
1 - 1 of 327 Posts
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