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The Well MB05

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Hello everyone. I am new to this forum as you can tell. Ive never been a dedicated sniper in airsoft, however, i have been shooting for a long time now, and thing its time to step my game up to being a sniper. I've heard alot of mixed reviews about the Well MB05 and am wondering what the 'professionals' would have to say about it. Thank you all who read.
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It's also on the first page of Googles results, THAT's easy to find...but the flattery was nice. Post an introduction and that karma should zero out.
...where would i do that exaclty? i couldnt think of where to do so...
The mb05 looks decent to me, but I have seen some bad reviews about it. If you are looking for a good sniper go for some kind of L96. I have one and it's insane.
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