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Just read a very interesting article about some possibilities with advancement in the real-steel industry of weapons manufacturing. A gun you can produce in your own home... Take a gander fellas, and read below after the video:

Now, if you are anything like me you will also see the Airsoft implications rolling around here... Both good and bad.

First point... This could be a potentially DEVASTATING movement that could kill our sport. Imagine people creating plastic guns out of the comfort of their own home that fire REAL BULLETS! Soon, when an officer picks up a cheap piece of plastic weapon that would normally be considered airsoft... There is no telling if it is airsoft or if it will fire a chambered round! Imagine the field day that legislators would have with that?!?! They already passed SB1315 in California... For those of you who don't know what that is, please review it here. I do not live in California, but I feel terrible for those people in the LA County area. Either way, this COULD be happening more often closer to home!

Second point... With this hobbyist's plastic printing machine becoming more widely available, I can also foresee an interesting movement in the airsoft world for its betterment. If any of you know what it is to be an avid collector of a certain family of guns, or even just one specific gun that looks particularly unique... Then you also know how much of a royal pain it is to find out that your favorite gun has never been created in an airsoft form. Allow me to explain...

I am a die-hard fan of H&K guns. I own a real steel p2000, p30, and USP .40. I have shot MANY of the real steel H&K weapons, ranging from a full-auto MP5, all the way up to the civilian G3 which is referred to as both the HK41 and HK91.

In my airsoft adventures, I have been working to acquire the entire family of H&K rifles in plastic form... Or at least as many as possible! One gun I am a very big fan of is the HK21 pictured below:

Real steel, this gun is practically identical to the G3A1 in a mechanical aspect. A few noticeable differences can be seen right away, such as being more thoroughly ported, belt feed port, closer positioning of the bipod and a few other minor adjustments. These make it a particularly good functioning member of the MG family.

Anyways, back in the airsoft world this gun could prove to be a very simple conversion. With our newly acquired machinery that can spit out plastic pieces molded perfectly to our 3d CAD files, imagine how easy it would be compared to using that Instamorph crap! Get the correct dimensions, hop into CAD, edit your 3d file, export it and it's file format, upload the dimensions to the machine, and overnight the machine will create your product.

Last point... Potatoes. :hehe:

That's all I got. DISCUSS!
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