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Theoretical BB Manufacturing...

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I have been working on a few different ideas about gun design etc. and have gone back to the drawing board with the actual design of the BB. One thought that occurred to me was the method by which shot is made for shotgun shells (here is an article):

Basically molten lead is dripped through a tower, where the aerodynamics of falling creates a sphere and hardens on the way down. Once at the bottom it is rapidly cooled by hitting a body of water.
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Yeah, every one says "no way, no way" to pellets, but yeah, try it! Considering low grade pellet guns shoot accurately at 600 fps with only some drop, you're almost field ready. So get your ass on the drawing board, and give us some details!

Pellets will also more much, much more accurate the a sphere, even without rifling. The aerodynamics would also help them carry more than a BB, and the gyro-stability of the rifled round would kick ass in balance and range. Hardest part is definitely the hop-factor. I would first see how they will work with a normal weight. But, a lighter pellet could carry further, but possible be unstable unless you had rifling, which would make is stable again. Idea...?
lainthecity said:
You need to remember that bb gun pellets are metal, and as a result are more dense than airsoft bbs, or theoretical plastic airsoft pellets. This means that at 600fps, scaled to a ligher round = much higher fps. Then, you need to increase size from .177 to ~.236, again still plastic, and lower the fps to safe levels.
Not valid. Heavier bb's are more effected by gravity, and drop faster. Therefore the airsoft bb would drop slower, allowing for a lighter spring, bringing us to where we are right now.

Someone needs to test!

But yeah, lets more this discussion into the other thread.
I THINK shot balls are pretty imprecise, because that's kinda the point, a big cloud of metal. But anyways, I think you're on to something. Maybe something, like a mechanical syringe, that only shoots out a precise amount of plastic. These would then fall into a tub of water. They would just have to cool enough to get there and not deform.
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