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Theoretical BB Manufacturing...

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I have been working on a few different ideas about gun design etc. and have gone back to the drawing board with the actual design of the BB. One thought that occurred to me was the method by which shot is made for shotgun shells (here is an article):

Basically molten lead is dripped through a tower, where the aerodynamics of falling creates a sphere and hardens on the way down. Once at the bottom it is rapidly cooled by hitting a body of water.
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This could be a sweet idea. I wonder how far molten bb's would have to drop.

Your biggest hurdle would be to get the bb's to form the correct size.

The lead flowed into a broad shallow pan with fine holes in the bottom.
A device struck this pan several times a second.
Molten lead flowed as streams from holes in the stationary pan; vibration from the impact broke the streams into droplets of random size.
Doesn't seem like it's an exact science...
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